Illustration Research 
11 - 12 February 2021
Kingston University

        Call for Papers

To celebrate the publishing of the landmark book ‘Illustration Research Methods’ (Gannon and Fauchon, 2020) this year’s symposium calls education into focus. We invite contributions from those teaching and learning through and about illustration; educators, students, workshop leaders, publishers and commissioners, from those setting up DIY art schools to policy makers and teachers. We also encourage perspectives on illustration from outside the known field, inviting papers from those working in other disciplines and sectors whose professions utilise or would benefit from illustrative methods, strategies or approaches.

As the traditional position of the illustrator ‘for hire’ diminishes and Illustration practices become ever more chimera-like, the current high demand for illustration courses raises important questions around how we educate a future generation of illustrators and make known their value to employers, collaborators and commissioners, outside of the ‘bubble’ of academic study. The case for criticality in the subject is urgent.

As educators our role is to be at the forefront of championing the development and understanding of our disciplines. What are the tools that educators and students of illustration need to understand the subject with both criticality and professionalism? What are the key questions those teaching the subject need to ask to facilitate illustrators to better understand their cultural agency and have the means to work ethically and effectively? How can we best consecrate links between innovative or exploratory educational practices and professional applications?

The symposia will incorporate a student forum. We invite proposals from students and recent graduates (up to 3 years post-graduation) to present illustration research projects, dissertations and/or interdisciplinary collaborations as part of a panel discussion.

An exhibition of practice-based research outcomes will accompany the conference. We welcome submission of 2D works, artefacts, moving-image and performative / workshop outcomes for curation and display.

Papers are invited on, but not limited to, the following subjects:

  • Signature pedagogies in illustration - what do our students need to learn and how can we support these needs?

  • The teacher-practitioner - models of practice that place the illustrator in the role of educator or facilitator.

  • Educational environments - spaces of learning both physical and virtual.

  • Communities of practice in illustration education amongst student bodies, educators, participants and audiences.

  • Learning through illustration - using illustrative approaches to educate.

  • Academic rigour in illustration - the significance, rigour and integrity of academic illustration practices.

  • Ethical illustration practices - strategies and models.

  • Language and terminology - developing a discipline specific vocabulary.

  • Integration of theory and practice - models of practice-based and practice-led inquiry.

  • Teaching illustration histories - alternative and / or unfamiliar narratives.

  • Illustration and the art historical canon - where does illustration sit / belong?

  • Categorising and archiving illustration for future prosperity.

  • Tools, technologies and craft - teaching and learning skills.

  • Impact of illustration research beyond academia - effects or benefits to the economy, society, public policy, health or the environment.

  • Illustration postgraduate research - issues and considerations, including experiences relating to supervising illustration practice based doctoral research.

  • Critiquing Illustration research within the academy; funding, impact and evaluation.

  • Illustration as a means to promote inter-cultural tolerance, empathy and understanding.

  • Workshop culture, DIY art schools, skill sharing and radical pedagogies.

  • Ideological positions of illustration pedagogy.

        Submission Guidelines

Deadline for submission: 31 July 2020
Successful applicants notified by: 1 Sept 2020

300 word proposals for 20 minute academic/practice-based presentations (max 6 images)

emailed to: illustrationresearchmethods@gmail.com

Selected papers will be considered for inclusion in The Journal of Illustration.

Visit the Illustration Research website for more infomration on past conferences www.illustrationresearch.org

        Change to scheduled conference dates

Due to the current COVID-19 epedemic we have moved the conference dates to 11th and 12th February 2021

        Deadline for submissions extended

The deadline for submissions has been extended unitil: 28 August 2020.